Magpie Lodge Stables

Lovely surroundings for your horse or pony only minutes from the local Pony Club



Magpie Lodge Stables are located at 76 Daniel Ave, Globe Derby Park, South Australia.  Situated close to the Pony Club, it's ideally suited to families wanting to keep a pony but don't have the space at home to do so.

Resident Managers Sarah & Tharrow have totally upgraded the facilities which now stables 16 horses.  Each stable has a day yard and a lock up tack/feed shed. Two large rainwater tanks are plumbed to the yards to ensure adequate fresh water.  The area has been landscaped and designed to create pleasant surroundings that you would be proud to keep your horse/pony in.

The local fodder shop will deliver free of charge.   Call us for an obligation free inspection.

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